Thursday, September 29, 2005

Sony DCRDVD803e Handycam

Ok 2 days ago Tuesday, I got my new Sony DVD handycam finally, I am one of the few in Australia to get it as Australia is the ass of the world and gets everything last It is marvellous. I got it from Digital City and got the internet price which was 1799 or something like that whereas if u go to the gay sony australia site its rrp is like much more. anyway i got extra shit and paid a total of about 2,200 aud. Extra include a tripod, carrying bag, box of 5 60 min dvd+RW, box of 5 dvd-R, a spare npfp90 battery (the longest lasting one that costs about 300 bucks aud alone) so it was well worth it.

As u know i was like sick as hell on Tuesday cos I took Monday off and Tuesday i still had explosive diarrhoea... the guy at digital city called saying he finally got me the dvd handycam, i wasnt too overjoyed cos of the situation i was in. I had been chasing him up for a whole month after i paid over my initial deposit.

I didnt do much apart from unpack it and read the manual on tuesday nite cos i was in the toilet most of the time

This morning (Thursday) I took a picture of the view from my little apartment and sent it by email to my dad who is overseas. (I live by myself) i wasnt too sure about the formatting of the 60min dvd+rw cos after formatting it, it only said i had 30 min so i think i may need to format the other side as well so its like u dont really get 60 min continuous u get 2x 30 min and have to open up and flip the dvd+rw to get your full 60min... a bit gay lol

it has a built in 3 megapixel camera and the photo i took was like almost 1mb big. This weekend ill go thru all my adobe creative suite premium 2 and install all the shit and all the other corel etc picture software and playing with them all. I am going to be a photoshop guru soon. The only reason i never had any use for photoshop is i never had a camera and now i got my dvd handycam i can start learning. Ill probably read all those gay adobe photoshop/creative suite ebooks ive amassed over the last couple of years too. At my stage of life (almost 30), photography is a suitable hobby :) Ok more later.... If u can afford it, this dvd803 handycam is the best and so easy to use. Ps if u have big fingers then it might be a bit cumbersome when turning it off lol Guess it is done that way to prevent accidental turning off. Other than that, connecting it to my xp sp2 pc (mce 2k5) and moving the picture over via the usb connection provided it was a piece of cake. In theory i should have just bought 2 boxes of 60 min instead of one box of 30min and one box of 60 min cos im never gonna finalise and i dont have a dvd player (it says not to play the dvd on a pc dvd drive) oh well lukily im not strapped for cash hee hee im sure the dvd+rw will last me a while


Ok this week has been rather hectic for me... anyway since I last appeared here, I went to paintball last Sunday with my friends. Paintball is Australia's number one non tv sport for young ppl. Lets face it gay sport like rugby cricket and tennis are for lamers. u dont learn anything in those gay ones... anyway, I got up early caught the train to my friends local train station and he drove us to macdonalds for breakfast and all the way to Winsor to Action paintball we were like an hour early so just hung out in the carpark while we waited for all our little friends :) Ps i got my dvdhandycam and my friends car is really kewl he upgraded it like those u see in needforspeed underground games. Inside he got a switch to flick too for nitro Ill take a few pix of it this weekend :)

It cost me 70 or 80 bucks for 800 balls they come in tubes of 200. (I joined the 3 hour of power package) and i didnt bother upgrading the guns but I should have because the end which i will get to later it would have made a big difference as I was outgunned :( mauahaha ok after getting the briefing and going on the trek out to the course, apparently there were 36 different courses on their site. ps they are apparently not the only paintball place out there cos a girl at my work also went but she went on Saturday to the Richmond one... when I got back to work on TUESDAY, we compared bruises as in I show u mine and u show me yours lol almost took my pants off too hee hee. anyway, u get a uniform and a head helmet and thats whats included. but i strongly recommend u bring your own gloves if u ever do play paintball as i will explain later... the first round I survived till the end which was fun. the 2nd i got shot in the head but that was fine. I got a no.1 haircut cos I cut my own hair with a hairdressing kit every month hee hee so the guy just sprayed water and cleaned my head. basically when u get shot u walk out of the "zone" and see the referee. all events are time limited (otherwise u would just sit back and wait for the other team members to kill the other team off and then u move forward lol) . We were not allowed to bring bottled water because drinking water we need to lift the helmet thing and that is a risk we might get show with loose paintballs so i was fuking thirsty so i drank from the water the ref was using to clean the paint off the helmets that was costly mistake as I had diarrhoea for 3 whole days after than and a fever on Sunday nite :( I didnt go to work on MOnday.

anyway, there were various scenarios and the 3 hours i was feeling very dehydrated as we were not allowed to lift the helmet thing and it was a hot day. the last game was like the one before but the ref suddenly called free for all and that was teh first time we heard that and a lot of ppl were confused and the guys with the upgraded guns (more accurate and shoot more bullets per second etc) had the upperhand but I learnt most of my lessons in that couple of seconds eg i should have brought my own gloves cos the guys keep shooting my left hand and forearm as my head was behind that when i held the gun (picture someone shooting a rifle) I shot the guy in the heart a few times in the same spot (we were only like 5 metres away from each other) and he eventually gave up and looked for someone else to shoot lol but the lesson from that is shooting the head when you are under stress is harder than it seemed. As I was crouched down I could have shot his kneecap but its not like paintball will go thru so i didnt really think too much about it. anyway my hands were bleeding and bruised. lukily the paintball just explodes on contact so it takes off the surface skin but when u get shot in the same area a few times a lot of skin gets removed :(

Monday, September 19, 2005

How To Use Adobe Ph*tosh*p CS2
Book Description
Have you ever looked at your color pictures and wished you could make them black and white? Or maybe you've dreamed about taking that photo of your brother, cutting the head off and placing it on the body of a grizzly bear. The tool that you need is Adobe Ph*tosh*p and the book you need to learn all about it is How to Use Adobe Ph*tosh*p CS 2. Visually step through the process of creating images, manipulating them and then optimizing them for print or the web. The step-by-step approach used throughout the book will make it simple to learn the basic techniques involved in using Ph*tosh*p. You will learn to:
* Convert files
* Work with tone and color
* Edit images using tools, paths and layers
* Build web files
u only need one of the 3 linx in the middle... ps go up one for tonnes more ebookz

01. Welcome To The Jungle

02. Sweet Child O' Mine

03. Patience

04. Paradise City

05. Knockin' On Heaven's Door

06. Civil War

07. You Could Be Mine

08. Don't Cry (Original)

09. November Rain

10. Live And Let Die

11. Yesterdays

12. Ain't It Fun

13. Since I Don't Have You

14. Sympathy For The Devil

Very slow use dl manager
76.68 MB

Sunday, September 18, 2005

Modern Talking - Remixes (2005)

wait for the countdown timer to finish and close the popup that appears on top of the dl link, and click download. note u cant use dl managers.
ps it was very slow for me took me all morning :s

Here are some tintin comics to keep u amused while u wait muahahaha ha
dl this free windows cbz reader

each is 38mb so u prob get 1 per hour ha ha
Tintin (Big Collection 26 Volumes)-pdf-e-books

The Best French comics Ever. Fully tranlated In English

All files are in CBZ format.

Can be Read by any CBZ reader.

Or can be unzip by any zip or rar programme.

(rename it in rar or zip, should works)


Companion Preview

Land of the Soviets

Tintin in the Congo

Tintin In America

Cigars Of The Pharaoh (1934)

The Blue Lotus

The Broken Ear (1937)

The Black Island (1938)

King Ottokar's Sceptre

The Crab with the Golden Claws

The Shooting Star

Secret Of The Unicorn.cbz

Red Rackham's Treasure (1944)

The Seven Crystal Balls (1948)

Prisoners of the Sun

Land of Black Gold

Destination Moon

Explorers on the Moon

The Calculus Affair

Red Sea Sharks

Tintin In Tibet

- Castafiore Emerald

Flight 714

Tintin And The Picaros

TinTin and Alph-Art

Tintin and The Lake Of Sharks

Some ebookz

Some guy was talking about ebooks in the last comment... Personally i dont have time to sit and read ebooks i got 100s of ebooks enuff to read till the day i die! I also got enuff movies to watch till the end of this year muahaha and i prefer the movie to the book lol.

The only worthwhile ebook i ever dled was Rich Dad, Poor dad and I highly recommend it to anyone wanting to make some money (but first u gotta have money to make money). Apart from that ebook, all the other gay fiction ebooks ive never touched, I printed out half of Bas Rutten's big book of combat vol 2 (almost 500 pages) and still havent even read a single page.
The other worthwhile ebooks i downloaded were the excel ebooks. but still they are nothing compared to actually going to the m$ office official site and learning and memorising all the hotkeys. if u can master hotkeys u will be so efficient! eg Insert blank sheet in workbook is Shift+ F11 that will save u a few seconds compared to draggin your mouse down to the stinking menu bar or bottom and going thru a few steps. Anyway enjoy these ones:

How To Increase The Value Of Your Home

if u are noob click the free button and wait for countdown timer to finish and then right click and save as to dl...

A complete illustrated Guide to the PC Hardware

5 illustrated chapters on PC Architecture:
# Chapter 4. Intro to the motherboard.
# Chapter 7. The south bridge.
# Chapter 15. Evolution of the Pentium 4.
# Chapter 22. Chipsets and hubs.
# Chapter 30. Inside the CPU.
# Chapter 38. The PC’s I/O system.
# Chapter 44. Hard disks, ATA and SATA.

37 illustrated chapters on the Digital Camera:
# Chapter 4. Images: from light to RAM.
# Chapter 10. Digital colour images.
# Chapter 14. The white balance.
# Chapter 18. Spot metering and AE Lock.
# Chapter 23. Specialized programs.
# Chapter 30. Best quality with RAW.
# Chapter 33. Depth of field.
# Chapter 37. External flash.

Other articles:
# Start studying the design of a PC motherboard.
# Learn about harddisks and other drives.
# Learn about the PC I/O system.
# Learn about the PC video system.

Saturday, September 17, 2005

Hilary Duff - Most Wanted

Hopefully this week they will have the Sony DVD handycam 803 in stock so i can go on some sightseeing tours next weekend. this weekend was pretty boring. Today sunday i got up at 8am, went for jog, swim check mail, did laundry now go shopping with my trusty creditcards :)
the only booboo was when i scraped the back of my hand in the pool cos i swam with eyes shut for that moment and it is bleeding :( Its only a 25m pool. oh well

1 Wake Up
2 Getaway
3 Beat Of My Heart
4 Come Clean (Remix 2005)
5 Who`s That Girl (Acoustic)
6 Mr. James Dean
7 So Yesterday
8 Metamorphosis
9 Rock This World (Remix 2005)
10 Break My Heart
11 Jericho (2005)
12 Fly
13 Supergirl
14 Party Up (Dance Remix)
15 Girl Can Rock
16 Our Lips Are Sealed
17 Why Not (Remix 2005)

Use dl manager its verrrrrrrry sloooooooooow


VA - Godskitchen -Classics

btw they dont have the creative zen sleek in stock so as usual i wait for months before i can get it.... fucking australia never has anything i want to buy.... i dled this a long time ago but cant remember where i put it so i redled it today enjoy :)

CD1 - Trance
01. Greece 2000-Three Drives On A Vinyl
02. Sparkles-Tiesto
03. We Are Alive-Paul Van Dtk [Vandit Vocal Mix]
04. As The Rush Comes-Motorcycle [Gabriel & Dresden Sweeping Strings Remix]
05. LA-Marc Et Claude [Moonman's Flashover Mix]
06. Madagascar-Art Of Trance [Ferry Corsten Remix]
07. Punk-Ferry Corsten
08. Into The Night-4 Strings
09. Seven Days And One Week-BBE
10. Silence-Delerium Feat. Sarah McLachlan [Tiesto In Search Of Sunrise Remix]
11. Blue Fear-Armin Van Buuren
12. Cream-Blank & Jones
13. Carte Blanche-Veracocha
14. Synaesthesia-The Thrillseekers [En-Motion Mix]
15. 1998-Binary Finary [Paul Van Dyk Remix]
16. Suburban Train-Tiesto
17. Ayla-Ayla [DJ Taucher Mix]
18. Cafe Del Mar-Energy 52 [Three N One Remix]

CD2 - Hard Dance
01. I Feel Love-CRW [Pete Pritchard Mix]
02. Keep On Dancin' (Let's Go)-Perpetual Motion [Scott Mac Vs DJ Cams Remix]
03. Passion-Amen UK [Paul Masterson Remix]
04. Freebase-Tall Paul
05. Deception-Fergie
06. Indicator-Marco V
07. Nightmare-Brainbug [Sinister Strings Mix]
08. Iguana-Mauro Picotto [Mas Mix]
09. Born Slippy-Underworld [Nuxx]
10. Lizard-Mauro Picotto [Megavoices Mix]
11. Joyenergizer-Joy Kitikonti
12. The Vision-Mario Piu' Presents DJ Arabesque [Vision 1 Radio Mix]
13. Sanctuary-Dejure
14. Horny Horns-Perfect Phase
15. Revolution-BK
16. On The Move-Barthezz
17. The Dawn-Tony De Vit
18. We Came, We Saw... -Lisa Lashes

CD3 - House
01. Make The World Go Round-Sandy B [Deep Dish Vocal Mix]
02. Hideaway-De'Lacy [Deep Dish Remix]
03. Everybody Be Somebody-Ruffneck Feat. 'Yavahn'
04. Bad Habit-A.T.F.C. Presents Onephatdeeva Feat. Lisa Millett [A.T.F.C. Club Mix]
05. Groovejet-Spiller
06. Bel Amour-Bel Amour
07. Star Guitar-The Chemical Brothers
08. Can't Get Enough-Soulsearcher
09. Bodyrock-Moby [Olav Basoski's Da Hot Da Freak Funk Remix]
10. Musak-Trisco
11. Plastic Dreams-Jaydee [A.T.F.C.'s Plastic Surgery Remix]
12. Spin Spin Sugar-Sneaker Pimps [Armand's Dark Garage Mix]
13. Overdrive-DJ Sandy Vs Housetrap
14. Pumpin'-Novy Vs Eniac
15. Dooms Night-Azzido Da Bass [Timo Maas Radio Edit]
16. Groovebird-Natural Born Grooves [Original Club Mix]
17. Kinetic-Golden Girls [Orbital Mix]

330 mb!

Me is gonna buy a portable mp3 player

Now it all comes to how much storage/playbacktime/batterylife/audio quality and how much it weighs for the price im paying. While price is no problem for me, I wanna get the most for the price I pay. Its not like I will go running with it so whether it is 50gms or 150gms doesnt bother me. Dont you just love how they say it will play 15000 songs but if u read the fineprint it sez the fucker calculated that based on 64k wma, seriously no one listens to gay wma format! suck my ballz! As if anyone really goes to buy itune gay mp3 Also not all mp3 player support better quality mp3 like 320k or vbr etc... to make matters worse its based on gay 4 minute popsongs. Most trance trax are like 10 minutes long and at 192k mp3 that makes the number of songs really reduced compared to what is advertised. Anyway, im always listening to my favorite Ashlee Simpson Autobiography album so if that fits, thats all that matters hee hee

Creative zen sleek is what im looking at buying. Its got 20gb of storage

  • Capacity: 20GB
  • Dimensions: 59 x 101 x 17.1 mm (WxHxD)
  • Weight: 157g
  • Power Source: 1 x Rechargeable Lithium Ion battery & USB bus powered when connected to a power outlet or powered USB port.
  • Playback Formats:
    • MP3: Up to 320 kbps
    • WAV: Up to 48 kHz, 16-bit, Stereo/Mono
    • WMA: Up to 320 kbps
    • WMA with Digital Rights Management (DRM) 9 and 10
  • Recording Formats:
    • Voice (via built-in microphone): IMA ADPCM (16 kHz, Mono)
    • FM Radio: IMA ADPCM (22 kHz, Stereo)
  • FM Radio: Stereo and Mono, Up to 32 preset stations
  • FM region support: International: 87.5 MHz ~ 108.0 MHz, 100 kHz intervals
  • MP3 Playback Performance:
    • Signal-to-Noise Ratio: Up to 96 dB
    • Channel Separation: Up to -70 dB
    • Frequency Response: 20 Hz ~ 20 kHz
    • Harmonic Distortion Output: <0.1%
  • Connectors:
    • Headphone jack: 3.5 mm (1/8") stereo minijack, 25 mW per channel
for more creative players

for ipod nano and price/size comparison

for sample prices all on one page

Hitch and Reservoir dogs

I just love google. ever since they took over, has improved significantly.

All linx i posted are tested working at time of posting :)




Hi Today is Saturday and I just installed this The Journal to see if this blogging upload works... more later

Some fun linx:
Vanity fair