Thursday, September 29, 2005


Ok this week has been rather hectic for me... anyway since I last appeared here, I went to paintball last Sunday with my friends. Paintball is Australia's number one non tv sport for young ppl. Lets face it gay sport like rugby cricket and tennis are for lamers. u dont learn anything in those gay ones... anyway, I got up early caught the train to my friends local train station and he drove us to macdonalds for breakfast and all the way to Winsor to Action paintball we were like an hour early so just hung out in the carpark while we waited for all our little friends :) Ps i got my dvdhandycam and my friends car is really kewl he upgraded it like those u see in needforspeed underground games. Inside he got a switch to flick too for nitro Ill take a few pix of it this weekend :)

It cost me 70 or 80 bucks for 800 balls they come in tubes of 200. (I joined the 3 hour of power package) and i didnt bother upgrading the guns but I should have because the end which i will get to later it would have made a big difference as I was outgunned :( mauahaha ok after getting the briefing and going on the trek out to the course, apparently there were 36 different courses on their site. ps they are apparently not the only paintball place out there cos a girl at my work also went but she went on Saturday to the Richmond one... when I got back to work on TUESDAY, we compared bruises as in I show u mine and u show me yours lol almost took my pants off too hee hee. anyway, u get a uniform and a head helmet and thats whats included. but i strongly recommend u bring your own gloves if u ever do play paintball as i will explain later... the first round I survived till the end which was fun. the 2nd i got shot in the head but that was fine. I got a no.1 haircut cos I cut my own hair with a hairdressing kit every month hee hee so the guy just sprayed water and cleaned my head. basically when u get shot u walk out of the "zone" and see the referee. all events are time limited (otherwise u would just sit back and wait for the other team members to kill the other team off and then u move forward lol) . We were not allowed to bring bottled water because drinking water we need to lift the helmet thing and that is a risk we might get show with loose paintballs so i was fuking thirsty so i drank from the water the ref was using to clean the paint off the helmets that was costly mistake as I had diarrhoea for 3 whole days after than and a fever on Sunday nite :( I didnt go to work on MOnday.

anyway, there were various scenarios and the 3 hours i was feeling very dehydrated as we were not allowed to lift the helmet thing and it was a hot day. the last game was like the one before but the ref suddenly called free for all and that was teh first time we heard that and a lot of ppl were confused and the guys with the upgraded guns (more accurate and shoot more bullets per second etc) had the upperhand but I learnt most of my lessons in that couple of seconds eg i should have brought my own gloves cos the guys keep shooting my left hand and forearm as my head was behind that when i held the gun (picture someone shooting a rifle) I shot the guy in the heart a few times in the same spot (we were only like 5 metres away from each other) and he eventually gave up and looked for someone else to shoot lol but the lesson from that is shooting the head when you are under stress is harder than it seemed. As I was crouched down I could have shot his kneecap but its not like paintball will go thru so i didnt really think too much about it. anyway my hands were bleeding and bruised. lukily the paintball just explodes on contact so it takes off the surface skin but when u get shot in the same area a few times a lot of skin gets removed :(


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