Sunday, September 18, 2005

Some ebookz

Some guy was talking about ebooks in the last comment... Personally i dont have time to sit and read ebooks i got 100s of ebooks enuff to read till the day i die! I also got enuff movies to watch till the end of this year muahaha and i prefer the movie to the book lol.

The only worthwhile ebook i ever dled was Rich Dad, Poor dad and I highly recommend it to anyone wanting to make some money (but first u gotta have money to make money). Apart from that ebook, all the other gay fiction ebooks ive never touched, I printed out half of Bas Rutten's big book of combat vol 2 (almost 500 pages) and still havent even read a single page.
The other worthwhile ebooks i downloaded were the excel ebooks. but still they are nothing compared to actually going to the m$ office official site and learning and memorising all the hotkeys. if u can master hotkeys u will be so efficient! eg Insert blank sheet in workbook is Shift+ F11 that will save u a few seconds compared to draggin your mouse down to the stinking menu bar or bottom and going thru a few steps. Anyway enjoy these ones:

How To Increase The Value Of Your Home

if u are noob click the free button and wait for countdown timer to finish and then right click and save as to dl...

A complete illustrated Guide to the PC Hardware

5 illustrated chapters on PC Architecture:
# Chapter 4. Intro to the motherboard.
# Chapter 7. The south bridge.
# Chapter 15. Evolution of the Pentium 4.
# Chapter 22. Chipsets and hubs.
# Chapter 30. Inside the CPU.
# Chapter 38. The PC’s I/O system.
# Chapter 44. Hard disks, ATA and SATA.

37 illustrated chapters on the Digital Camera:
# Chapter 4. Images: from light to RAM.
# Chapter 10. Digital colour images.
# Chapter 14. The white balance.
# Chapter 18. Spot metering and AE Lock.
# Chapter 23. Specialized programs.
# Chapter 30. Best quality with RAW.
# Chapter 33. Depth of field.
# Chapter 37. External flash.

Other articles:
# Start studying the design of a PC motherboard.
# Learn about harddisks and other drives.
# Learn about the PC I/O system.
# Learn about the PC video system.


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