Thursday, September 29, 2005

Sony DCRDVD803e Handycam

Ok 2 days ago Tuesday, I got my new Sony DVD handycam finally, I am one of the few in Australia to get it as Australia is the ass of the world and gets everything last It is marvellous. I got it from Digital City and got the internet price which was 1799 or something like that whereas if u go to the gay sony australia site its rrp is like much more. anyway i got extra shit and paid a total of about 2,200 aud. Extra include a tripod, carrying bag, box of 5 60 min dvd+RW, box of 5 dvd-R, a spare npfp90 battery (the longest lasting one that costs about 300 bucks aud alone) so it was well worth it.

As u know i was like sick as hell on Tuesday cos I took Monday off and Tuesday i still had explosive diarrhoea... the guy at digital city called saying he finally got me the dvd handycam, i wasnt too overjoyed cos of the situation i was in. I had been chasing him up for a whole month after i paid over my initial deposit.

I didnt do much apart from unpack it and read the manual on tuesday nite cos i was in the toilet most of the time

This morning (Thursday) I took a picture of the view from my little apartment and sent it by email to my dad who is overseas. (I live by myself) i wasnt too sure about the formatting of the 60min dvd+rw cos after formatting it, it only said i had 30 min so i think i may need to format the other side as well so its like u dont really get 60 min continuous u get 2x 30 min and have to open up and flip the dvd+rw to get your full 60min... a bit gay lol

it has a built in 3 megapixel camera and the photo i took was like almost 1mb big. This weekend ill go thru all my adobe creative suite premium 2 and install all the shit and all the other corel etc picture software and playing with them all. I am going to be a photoshop guru soon. The only reason i never had any use for photoshop is i never had a camera and now i got my dvd handycam i can start learning. Ill probably read all those gay adobe photoshop/creative suite ebooks ive amassed over the last couple of years too. At my stage of life (almost 30), photography is a suitable hobby :) Ok more later.... If u can afford it, this dvd803 handycam is the best and so easy to use. Ps if u have big fingers then it might be a bit cumbersome when turning it off lol Guess it is done that way to prevent accidental turning off. Other than that, connecting it to my xp sp2 pc (mce 2k5) and moving the picture over via the usb connection provided it was a piece of cake. In theory i should have just bought 2 boxes of 60 min instead of one box of 30min and one box of 60 min cos im never gonna finalise and i dont have a dvd player (it says not to play the dvd on a pc dvd drive) oh well lukily im not strapped for cash hee hee im sure the dvd+rw will last me a while


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