Saturday, October 29, 2005

Plastic nightclub Sydney (Darlinghurst)

This morning after 2 hrs of sleep did workout, laundry and updated my ipod songs..

then i checked my po box and then went to NSW Bodybuilding Supplies. Its the best bodybuilding supplement shop in australia!!! I became a free member and drew a lot of protein samples in a giveaway bag :) anyway, as u know i already use creatine, so today i bought some whey protein concentrate cos i went to and they say concentrate is better than isolate or something... the brand is bodyscience. for 1kg it cost me 41 bucks which is as cheap as it gets they had a special weekend sale so i was very happy. (refer to my other post about creatine which cost me almost 90 bucks for 2kg)

I can definitely vouch for creatine because my muscles are more ripped than ever. btw, u are supposed to drink tonnes more water than normal person if u take creatine so when i get to work i already start drinking water. at the moment im trying to drink 10 coffee cups worth of water a day but i normally only get 7 on average.

NSW Bodybuilding Supplies
62-64 Oxford Street
9380 7099

btw I Had a great nite last nite at this club up the road that played banging trance...

DJ Set times Oct 28th - PLastic Birthday part one


PLASTIC TURNS 8 (we think)
Around about 8 years ago on the first week of November PLASTIC baby was born full of hope and joy. This soon turned to something dark and silly and a little nasty. Especially when Bexta joined. Now PLASTIC is more than all that, it’s a way of being, a phrase of abuse and endearment, it’s weird and full of energy and it’s a bit of a monster.
Plastic is so excited about its birthday this year that it’s going to cry for two weeks at least. There are so many reasons PLASTIC is so special and that can’t shut the fuck up about it. Plastic is a breeding ground for nutcases and new djs. Plastic encourages stupid and idiotic behaviour. Plastic does not have a door policy – if you love the music and the people your in! Plastic loves all sorts of music – trance, techno, progressive, breaks, happy hard, psy-trance, acid and club music. We don’t not descriminate on the basis of pre fabricated notions of good or bad, we deliberately look for something different and expect the djs and ppl that come to also be looking for something different too.
So over the next two week PLASTIC goes silly over how fabulously good looking PLASTIC can be.
This week special guest is ALEX MEGANE from direct from Italy. New Plastic recruits CHIA and TOMPY are also on as are GROOVE INC boys G_BANGA and WHISPER. In the Golden Disco 3000 room are KASPER and RYZER – both new Plastic Djs who appeared in the PLASTIC DJ comp this year. In RYZERs case he won the entire comp!!! Previous DJ comp winner ONNIT is starting the night off and PLASTIC man JOHN FERRIS slots in some acid around about midnight.
FREE ENTRY for all ppl born in OCTOBER and anyone in their birthday suit.

Set Times
10 – 12 Onnit
12 – 1 JohnFerris
1 –2 Chia
2 –3 Alex Megane
3 – 4 Whisper
4 –5 G_Banga!
5 –6 Tompy

11- 1 Kasper
1 – 3 Ryzer

HOW MUCH: $10 MEMBERS, $15 Guests $20 Street. Free to students and members before midnight

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

MSN Messenger v7.5.0311 Final

Anti-Blaxx 1.18, Anti-Blacklisting tool for games
(just posting it cos so many game released this month... vietcong2, civilisation 4, muahahaha

New version 1.18 is out.


-Language file: Polish added (thanks to Wojtek)
-Language file: Japanese added (thanks to TmSaCx)
-fixed "Security module can't be activated"
-supportet the newest SecuRom 7 version
-autorun function added
-SecuRom.Stop 1.1 added
-other bugs from Version 1.17 fixed

first of all The.Ultimate.Fighter.S02E10.DSRip.XviD-aAF is sensational
the fight is almost like a real ufc fight knocked out cold lol

TEll u what msn messenger is what i use to communicate with the rest of the world... been using it for ages.

the best patch for msn messenger to get rid of annoyances - Apatch (made in australia mate)

The Prodigy The singles 1990-2005, 2 CD
The 2 CD



Sunday, October 23, 2005

Sydney Motor Show - Bonjovi albums

Oh I just discovered a nice tv show called Veronica Mars :) very nice I bought this interesting musashi creatine powder the other day. I workout every morning and feel so tired and crappy at work i decided to start buying supplements...
it cost 87AUD for 2kg...

Today I went to the Sydney Motor show. the BMW 320i seemed pretty cheap... only 55k

didnt take any photos cos cars are cars and unless im buying one not much point. In terms of budget cars, the Mazda 3 series was like only 20k while 6 series about 30k so when i get a new house ill buy a Mazda I think.

anyway, I was watching the 40 year old virgin again (when i got it first time i watched it was like 2am and i fell asleep) and it has got the theme song of "the greatest american hero" which was one of my fav tv shows in the 80s :p

Found this: (very rare in 192k hi quality)

My fav is the Slippery When Wet and New Jersey albums, the best rock ballads :)

Bon Jovi - Slippery When Wet

Bon Jovi - These Days

Bon Jovi - New Jersey

Bon Jovi - Have a Nice Day

Bon Jovi - This Left Feels Right

Bon Jovi - This Left Feels Right

Bon Jovi - Bon Jovi

Bon Jovi - Bounce

Bon Jovi - Cross Road

Bon Jovi - Keep The Faith

Bon Jovi - 7800 Fahrenheit

Mind, Body and Kick Ass Moves with Chris Crudelli

Ok first of all a quote from episode 2

The guy said to master "How do I become the best martial artist?" The master answered,
"The sparrow never lands where the tiger roams"

Many thanx to one of my best friends (Houdini) for letting me dl this the other day

Mind, Body and Kick Ass Moves with Chris Crudelli ALL 10 Episodes

Its sooo good im gonna give a free copy to my other martial arts friends and have it permanently shared in dc++.

The guy travels to HK and other places discussing and showing martial arts.

Without stating the obvious, I finally realised the reason why Wing Chun (Tsun) is ineffective in modern day combat generally. It is because it relies on the WC practitioner to be on his/her feet to drive their momentum forward and since WC is for midrange to close combat if wrestler or anyone who knows takedowns gets wc guy on his back, and then starts ground and pound, wc guy is no more...

Documentary examining the world of martial arts.Martial arts expert Chris
Crudelli travels through China, Japan and the Philippines in his search for the
original Masters of martial arts disciplines. He learns about ninja, tai qi,
kung fu, the deadly dim mak and many more.


Presenter Chris Crudelli challenges a group of tough builders to knock him
down, sees how a sledgehammer can crack bricks on a man's head and
watches a van pulled by a penis.

01 DVB > DivX 512x288 150MB 28mins
File : duration: 0:28:17, type: AVI
Video : 644 Kbps, 25.0 fps, 512*288 (16:9),
Audio : 96 Kbps, 44100 Hz, MPEG Layer-3


Presenter Chris Crudelli visits a Taipei fight club and visits a film set in
Beijing, where he is taught how to fly in the 'Crouching Tiger' style. In the
UK, two female show wrestlers take Chris through their paces and in Hong Kong
the spirit of Bruce Lee is invoked by a sprightly 80- year old.

02 DVB > DivX 512x288 150MB 28mins
File : duration: 0:28:17, type: AVI
Video : 644 Kbps, 25.0 fps, 512*288 (16:9),
Audio : 96 Kbps, 44100 Hz, MPEG Layer-3


A deserted village in China is the setting for a Daoist sect to invoke
spirits that protect against blades, blows and fire. In the Philippines the
protective power of amulets is machete-tested on a man's stomach. Chris meets
Ushiro, master of the original Okinawan karate, in Japan.

03 DVB > DivX 512x288 150MB 28mins
File : duration: 0:28:13, type: AVI
Video : 646 Kbps, 25.0 fps, 512*288 (16:9),
Audio : 96 Kbps, 44100 Hz, MPEG Layer-3


Master Presas in the Philippines reveals the martial arts techniques hidden
in simple dance steps. Chris meets his match on the Great Wall of China, as the
Chinese Master of ancient Tai Qi uses him for target practice. Back in the UK,
we see life saving techniques on a beach in Cornwall and self-defence tricks on
the streets of Brixton.

04 DVB > DivX 512x288 150MB 28mins
File : duration: 0:27:51, type: AVI
Video : 655 Kbps, 25.0 fps, 512*288 (16:9),
Audio : 96 Kbps, 44100 Hz, MPEG Layer-3


Chris has a bone to pick with meat packers at Smithfield Market in London. In
Japan the ancient art of horseback archery is uncovered in a Shinto temple,
while in a busy Hong Kong kitchen, the Living Treasure of China teaches Kung Fu
cooking. Back in the UK, pizza delivery boys learn how to dish it out when it
cuts up rough and we reveal the secrets of Philippine machete fighting.

05 DVB > DivX 512x288 150MB 28mins
File : duration: 0:28:01, type: AVI
Video : 651 Kbps, 25.0 fps, 512*288 (16:9),
Audio : 96 Kbps, 44100 Hz, MPEG Layer-3


In Japan, two men fight with swords on a deserted beach. When Chris follows
them into their dojo the Master finger wrestles him on the ground. Also, how
animal moves inspired the Chinese Lion Dance, and in Wales rugby players are
effortlessly converted to Kung Fu drinking games. Meanwhile, the Taiwanese anti-
terrorist SWAT team engage in some real life martial mayhem.

06 DVB > DivX 512x288 150MB 28mins
File : duration: 0:28:09, type: AVI
Video : 647 Kbps, 25.0 fps, 512*288 (16:9),
Audio : 96 Kbps, 44100 Hz, MPEG Layer-3


Documentary series examining the world of martial arts. In Japan, Master
Tanaka and his daughter excel in the art of the sword. Chopping down arrows in
mid flight can only be done 'when you and the sword are one'. The same intuitive
relationship allows Master Presas in the Philippines to stick fight whilst blind
folded, and improving intuition is what drives the acolytes of Master Aoki in
Japan to stand under freezing cold waterfalls.

07 DVB > DivX 512x288
File : 149 MB , duration: 0:28:04
Video : 649 Kbps, 25.0 fps, 512*288 (16:9), DX50 = DivXNetworks Divx v5
Audio : 96 Kbps, 44100 Hz, 2 channels, 0x55 = MPEG Layer-3,


Documentary series examining the world of martial arts. In
the Philippines a weapon maker mixes deadly spiders with steel, whilst in Japan
Chris narrowly escapes a Ninja pole head trap. Animals continue to provide
inspiration as Chris eats scorpions in a Beijing market and the energy of the
snake and leopard are harnessed in the Hong Kong docks.

08 DVB > DivX 512x288
File : 149 MB , duration: 0:28:13
Video : 646 Kbps, 25.0 fps, 512*288 (16:9),
Audio : 96 Kbps, 44100 Hz, MPEG Layer-3


From samurai decapitation skill in Japan to the legendary death touch,
Chris Crudelli gets in the firing line of the most dangerous martial artists alive.
A Southend tattoo parlour becomes the venue for some serious 'Chi' work,
and while engaging in river fighting in the Philippines Chris learns how to invoke
the spirits from the dead and to protect himself with amulets.

09 DVB > DivX 512x288 150MB 28mins
File : duration: 0:28:06 type: AVI
Video : 649 Kbps, 25.0 fps, 512*288 (16:9),
Audio : 96 Kbps, 44100 Hz, MPEG Layer-3


In the Philippines, stick fighting has never been so fast and in Taiwan,
Chris Crudelli uncovers unbelievable physical feats involving bottle openers
and fingers, steel rods and eyeballs, cleavers and toes. (Last In Series)

10 DVB > DivX 512x288 150MB 28mins
File : duration: 0:28:11, type: AVI
Video : 646 Kbps, 25.0 fps, 512*288 (16:9),
Audio : 96 Kbps, 44100 Hz, MPEG Layer-3


Today I went shopping for clothes... Its so hot i couldnt sleep and i slept on the bus anyway so I got up and started watching movies and dled stuff. I finally finished AGe of empires 3 too.

Its pretty lame because there isnt much strategy involved unlike the old rts games. These days game designers are just lame. Still I enjoyed it while it lasted.

Saturday, October 22, 2005

Kirsty Hawkshaw- Meta Message-CD-2005

very beautiful voice :)

Kirsty Hawkshaw - Just Be Me
Kirsty Hawkshaw - Fine Day (James Holden Mix)
Kirsty Hawkshaw - Reach For Me
Delerium - Nature's Kingdom
Tiesto - Walking On Clouds
Tiesto - Battleship Grey
Lange - Sincere For You
Hybrid - Blackout
DJ Sam - Split
Kirsty Hawkshaw - All I Want
Kirsty Hawkshaw - Beautiful Danger (Future Funk Squad Mix)
Slovo - Whisper

the links in 2 parts
parte 1 1.rar.html

Parte 2 2.rar.html

Thursday, October 20, 2005

My new 4gb Ipod Nano ... Southpark is back

Ok first of all southpark is back season 9 ep 8
here is episode guide:

Today I finally got a call from the Store in Sydney that I reserved an Ipod nano 4gb version. They were literally out of stock for the whole of Sydney for a few weeks. I took some pix so u can see how small it is. Remember the day of having a big fucking brick for a walkman, well the ipod nano is literally so small as u can see compared to my Eric Cartman keyring/stressball. It is like lighter than a bar of chocolate :) The packaging was pretty kewl too. In the whole of Australia, u cannot find it cheaper as Apple fixed the price at 359 aud. Tonite ill install latest itunes and start uploading my songs so tomorrow when i walk to work i can enjoy my lovely eurodance again :)

Ok first of all the gay itunes software would not install correctly on my media center edition 2005 either cos too many services or cos of the 2 admin users i set up . I have always maintained the gay apple software designers need to all be microsoft former employees or else they dont know shit. the apple site has lots of ppl bitching and complaining cos of this

I spent like 45 minutes installing and reinstalling the gay itunes and ipod updater. Luckily my other pc has like 7 os installed on it so i went to my trusty windows xp sp2 barebones edition and installed quicktime, the itunes software and the ipod updater and did a reboot and plugged my ipod nano in and then itunes detected it and I quickly copied over about 10 tunnel trance force 2cds each mixes and some prodigy and other mp3 singles it took about 2.7gb up. the transfer was very fast on the usb2 connection like 15 seconds? anyway, i turned it on and walked to work. I was wearing white shirt and the headphones are white so it looked very good fashionwise :p I didnt feel it at all (until it started raining and my shirt was plastered against my skin) . It is now my best friend, u wont find me without it unless im rollerblading or doing something extreme :p

now all i have to do is connect my 2 pc together so i can transfer my lovely mp3 collection between the 2 pc (i got millions of mp3)

Saturday, October 15, 2005

Today i played age of empires III

since this was a useless post ill add a quote here:
"I want what I want when I want it" - Gabrielle S. Desperate Housewives s02ep04 :)

ok was bored shitless with dungeonsiege 2 so i dled age of empires 3 and to my surprise its a great game :)

here is the trainer and nocd...

the video sequence is slow (maybe cos i got bittorent and tonnes of other resource hogging appz running at same time) but the gameplay is very enjoyable and faster than the old age of empires 1 and 2. i am loving it :) its sooo much fun

tomorrow i go bushwalking again i just love bushwalking. it is sooo much fun :)

Sunday, October 09, 2005

11th ed The Concise Oxford Dictionary

I went to various bushwalking places around Sydney yesterday, it was really windy so it made it nice and cool ... will post pix when my friend sends them to me hee hee

Today I went the the Paul's WArehouse on top the the Darling Harbour shopping centre after stuffing my face with a Kebab. Thats the only shop I go to when im in that complex cos they have more meat and its $8 so for a tourist location it is reasonable.

Anyway, I bought 2 pairs of shoes and a black Puma Jacket for next winter :p the Jacket cost 60 bucks and the shoes were about 150 for the black air max triax and 140 for the whitish silver air max 2003. I bought the air max 2003 because it was really nice as casual wear and had a flat base unlike the triax which is tighter around the instep area to support running. Ps I only buy Nike Air Max (or the various variations) and have done so for the last 10 years hee hee. The reason why I decided to go shoe shopping today is cos my white air max triax got really dirty when I went bush walking in the mud and I have had them for about 2 years now so I thought its time for a new pair. Must go jogging tomorrow nite :P
(7636198 Bytes) (Simplified without installation and without sound file)

I found the solution to my resize problem here:


it resizes to either a percentage or height and can batch convert unlike the gay fuking photoshop and paintshop pro. I swear, paintshop pro used to be much more useful before it got taken over by gay corel. I mean look at wordperfect now, no one uses it. anyway back in time paint shop pro was like 3 mb and could batch convert jpg to gif but look at it now, the interface is so fcuking lame i dont know where to go to do that shit. anyway this tiny new app is da bomb cos it does all that and even lets u watermark image. so i dont have to go use 3 proggies or go thru 100s of clicks just to do what i wanna do. Efficiency is the key to happy life, remember that!

right now im busting my balls dling Pinnacle Studio Plus 10 (International version),

theres many things that are new so please all go dl so we can dl off each other :)
Keyframeable Real-time Effects with Preview NEW!
Pinnacle Studio Plus now includes hundreds of standard and bonus extraordinary keyframeable and format independent (SD and even HD) real-time effects and transitions powered by the both legendary and professional Pinnacle Liquid Edition engine. With added keyframing, one can now actually control the characteristics and parameters of an effect on a frame-by-frame basis. These effects and transitions can even be previewed immediately in their full resolution glory right on your primary or even secondary computer monitor. And if you ever outgrow the hefty palette of included effects, Pinnacle provides you with the peace of mind with knowing that there are always thousands more very affordable effects available when and if you ever need them.

Built-in DVD Authoring
Pinnacle's fully integrated CD and DVD authoring workflow allows you to easily create DVDs with motion menus and custom navigation on the fly for playback on most consumer DVD players or DVD capable computers. Why waste the time and energy of going back and forth between two completely separate applications when with Pinnacle Studio Plus you can preview your results with full DVD controls right from your editing workspace! And for those times when you want to quickly archive your treasured memories on DVD, Pinnacle Studio Plus provides a quick and easy tool for instantly transferring your video tapes to DVD's without the extra time consuming step of copying your files on to your hard drive.

All Popular Sources and Formats Including HD NEW!
Pinnacle Studio Plus now gives you the power in combination with Studio's celebrated ease of use to capture video from the latest consumer HD cameras, DVD video cameras and even cell phones. Thanks to the power of the prestigious and professional Pinnacle Liquid Edition engine, you can now actually edit with keyframeable real-time effects and transitions in truly stunning high quality HD!

more info

Saturday, October 08, 2005

M$office sp2 httpddl


for those who can't use bittorrent...

HTTP Download: 7x50MB + 1x36MB

or just do your own (i love the blog link below it has many useful linx)

Slipstream Microsoft Office 2003 SP2

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Where I hang out

This is where I spent most of my childhood. Theres lots of good tv shows on at the moment including Alias season 5, Lost season 2, Deperate Housewives season 2, Boston Legal season 2 and the usual sg1 and sga :) This weekend I will go fishing with my friends so I can take more pretty pictures. If u know how to batch process images or automate photoshop, please contact me. A nice quote: Every choice is the death of all other possibilities

Monday, October 03, 2005

Sunday Canberra Trip Part2 War Memorial

Sunday, October 02, 2005

Sunday Canberra Trip Part1

Blogger doesnt seem to put my photos i uploaded in order and im too lazy to anyway 1st pic has the evil telstra mobile tower in background... pic 2 and 3 are beautiful scenic shots I took

Most of the day seemed to surround itself around the "pissing" water fountain and I took a zillion shots of it from varous locations. I even recorded a dvd clip of it.

The 2 pix above are my friends car, a Nissan Skyline. Nice and fast. U can find me in passenger seat staring out into space :)

Ok I got up at 4something am and got to the place above really early and then we set out in another friends car. There were 5 of us in the trip to Canberra so my friends car would have made the ppl in the backseat feel really cramped (not much leg space) It took over 3 hours to get there

The main purpose of our trip to Canberra (the capital of Australia) was to see the Floriade which is a flower show. .. Here are some pix from it.

I actually took 100s of pix. Modern day photography is so easy without needing to use gay film and processing. ps we all took cameras so the pix of me are on my friends cameras hee hee.

Canberra is a very boring place and I will try my best never to return. It has the highest teen suicide rate in Australia and if you ever go there, you will know why. Its simply the most boring place anyone could ever live in. The architecture of buildings appears all the same as low rise apartments. There are not many shops either. I would kill myself if I had to live there too lol

Saturday Photos City to North Sydney Pt 4 last

Ok from my last post (i was so hungry) I walked to the Rocks which is to the west of circular quay if u are facing north ie across the harbour... I was being a tourist for the day so I tried to find food anything but macdonalds cos when i walked past the queues were like miles long and I didnt wanna go to hungry jacks... so I went to this pub thing and the back up the stairs they had lots of meats for 25 bucks each. The catch was u had to cook it yourself and after the guy serving refused to cook for me, (I am a shit cook and to pay 25 for fillet mignon... well i could get the same meat at coles supermarket and cook at home) I left... I went to the gay and expensive baker shop back down the road and paid 12 bucks for a slice of beef lasagna and a chicken and mushroom pie. the pie and lasigna was like cold and crappy. So my advice to you is you are betting off going into one of those posh hotels and eating their lunchtime menu esp the all you can eat ones cos at the Rocks its a ripoff and they screw the tourists over. Then I went round to under the bridge to take more photo and around and up and walked across the bridge. I took 2 photos of where i used to live in Kirribilli Milsons point on Elamang ave (the 2 orange building shots). Its an expensive shithole and there is a lot of construction going on there. Anyway the place is at the bottom of the hill and i used to hate (still do) walking up it to get to the trainstation to get to skool. the pic below is just next to hungry jacks in north sydney. To walk from milsons point to north sydney there is a pathway on the westside exit of Milsons point trainstation and then you cum to a staircase in a building and when u walk up it you are at the bottom of the street where the north sydney trainstation entrance is... I then took a photo of the building where I had my rollerblade accident at the bottom of the hill (I crashed into a wall after going too fast down a hill into what is now the Cisco Systems building). The 2nd pic below is where I had CTscan of my dislocated arm and cost me $500 bucks. This arm dislocation was when I was skating vert and fell upside down :( I swear these doctors are all gay charging me for useless shit. it was so painful i had to have my arm outstretched and go into a tube thing and inside it all you hear is the shit noice you hear when some road repair guy is drilling into concrete :( My arm was in so much pain i thought it would never end.

I then walked up the main street (Miller st) the way I walked a zillion times when I was in hi skool. The left pic below is north sydney oval where i sold ice cream at football matches 10 yrs ago to get some $$$. the money used to stick to the ice at the bottom of the container. it was backbreaking. I didnt do it for too long. The pic on the right is from North Sydney Boys High. the top right window is where I had my maths class and I would stare outside wondering when the bell would ring so I could go home lol. I was too sexy for my high skool!

After that, I walked up the other road to the Woolworths which was where we went a lot for food. The ctscan place was just across the road and I was too tired so I caught the bus back to the city. at the bus stop I found a Daily Telegraph newspaper. That one is full of interesting gossip compared to the Sydney morning herald which is boring as hell. anyway I was reading it on the busride back and voila thats the end of my Saturday. I walked over 10km. Now today (its 4am Sunday) I am going to go to Canberra to a flowerfestival and take more pix. Ill take a bunch of pix of my Chauffeur and his car. The car is the fastest car in sydney btw. I share the petrol costs as the price of petrol is very expensive but he knows sydney like the guy in transporter (2) knows Paris or LA lol Anyway, as you can see the Sony DCRDVD803e is the best value around for a camera and dvd handycam. all the pix seen on this site I have compressed using adobe photoshopcs2 from 1 to 2 mb down to a few kb so you can imagine the quality of the originals. After all, it is a 3megapixel camera :) I wish I knew how to create a script to automate photoshop picture convertsion... must read eboook...time to watch a movie now mauahahaha

Saturday Photos City to North Sydney Pt 3

Ok almost finished with my Saturday selection of photos. Im glad I didnt pay a red cent for photoshopcs2 cos its just such a pain in butt to convert the size. Their batch function isnt user friendly either. I had to go about 8 clicks just to convert one image to gif after resizing :(
anyway first pic here is called the Toaster. Its just in front of the Opera house. The 2nd one was when i figured out how to use the zoom button on the handycam :)

The leaning tree well I used to walk past it a lot so I decided to take a pic for u :) This pic below is the top of a small hill where i practice my uphill sprinting :)

This one below is the Customs house at Circular quay just next to macdonalds :p I was so hungry by the time i got here. Inside it has a 3d model of Sydney on the ground ie you literally walk over the glass as in the 2nd picture where u can see the feet of ppl :0

Some more pix of stuff from the Botanical gardens...

The roundish building (3rd tallest from left) is where I used to work at Deloitte. Well, there is a story to tell so I tell u now. IT was my first job after graduating and there is an evil account director lady called Caithlin (its irish so pronounce it as crotch-lin hee hee) She gave me shit performance appraisals everytime I did something for her. Well guess what, almost 10 years later she is now a Partner and at my current job I now have to deal with her as she does our audit muahahaha.

Ok the last 2 buildings I took cos I spent almost 5 years of my life there it was my 3rd job after graduating and boy did I hate it. I would go to the park to sleep during lunch time :) I actually took pictures of all the places I had slept today as well but im not gonna show u hee hee Some of the park benches were very uncomfortable so eventually I started sleeping under a tree. The reason was I refused to drink coffee as its bad for your liver. Now, I have succumbed to coffee as the pay and staying awake is more than justified for drinking the shit. I also now drink alcohol too. We have friday nite drinks here in Aus. so we need to drink to socialise. I love Barcardi Breezers hee hee Anyway, the reason why i hated it so much was this evil boss there. He had lack of knowledge as was the stereotypical middle management trying to protect his position when you study agency theory. Anyway, my new job I have all the power so I only look back upon that time as a learning experience in terms of how middle management works... heres another pic with those 2 evil buildings in the background....

The pic above is where i go past on my weekend jogging around the botanical gardens. Its really beautiful and great when you are panting and helps relax the stress hee hee....

Saturday, October 01, 2005

Saturday Photos City to North Sydney Pt 2

The last picture was the one I figured out how to turn off the flash as in the gallery u are not supposed to use flash and it just makes the pix look bad cos the light bounces back off the painting. This one is without flash and u can see it nice :) ps the chinupbars I use only once a week now as I am getting old hee hee