Wednesday, October 26, 2005

MSN Messenger v7.5.0311 Final

Anti-Blaxx 1.18, Anti-Blacklisting tool for games
(just posting it cos so many game released this month... vietcong2, civilisation 4, muahahaha

New version 1.18 is out.


-Language file: Polish added (thanks to Wojtek)
-Language file: Japanese added (thanks to TmSaCx)
-fixed "Security module can't be activated"
-supportet the newest SecuRom 7 version
-autorun function added
-SecuRom.Stop 1.1 added
-other bugs from Version 1.17 fixed

first of all The.Ultimate.Fighter.S02E10.DSRip.XviD-aAF is sensational
the fight is almost like a real ufc fight knocked out cold lol

TEll u what msn messenger is what i use to communicate with the rest of the world... been using it for ages.

the best patch for msn messenger to get rid of annoyances - Apatch (made in australia mate)

The Prodigy The singles 1990-2005, 2 CD
The 2 CD




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