Thursday, October 20, 2005

My new 4gb Ipod Nano ... Southpark is back

Ok first of all southpark is back season 9 ep 8
here is episode guide:

Today I finally got a call from the Store in Sydney that I reserved an Ipod nano 4gb version. They were literally out of stock for the whole of Sydney for a few weeks. I took some pix so u can see how small it is. Remember the day of having a big fucking brick for a walkman, well the ipod nano is literally so small as u can see compared to my Eric Cartman keyring/stressball. It is like lighter than a bar of chocolate :) The packaging was pretty kewl too. In the whole of Australia, u cannot find it cheaper as Apple fixed the price at 359 aud. Tonite ill install latest itunes and start uploading my songs so tomorrow when i walk to work i can enjoy my lovely eurodance again :)

Ok first of all the gay itunes software would not install correctly on my media center edition 2005 either cos too many services or cos of the 2 admin users i set up . I have always maintained the gay apple software designers need to all be microsoft former employees or else they dont know shit. the apple site has lots of ppl bitching and complaining cos of this

I spent like 45 minutes installing and reinstalling the gay itunes and ipod updater. Luckily my other pc has like 7 os installed on it so i went to my trusty windows xp sp2 barebones edition and installed quicktime, the itunes software and the ipod updater and did a reboot and plugged my ipod nano in and then itunes detected it and I quickly copied over about 10 tunnel trance force 2cds each mixes and some prodigy and other mp3 singles it took about 2.7gb up. the transfer was very fast on the usb2 connection like 15 seconds? anyway, i turned it on and walked to work. I was wearing white shirt and the headphones are white so it looked very good fashionwise :p I didnt feel it at all (until it started raining and my shirt was plastered against my skin) . It is now my best friend, u wont find me without it unless im rollerblading or doing something extreme :p

now all i have to do is connect my 2 pc together so i can transfer my lovely mp3 collection between the 2 pc (i got millions of mp3)


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