Saturday, October 29, 2005

Plastic nightclub Sydney (Darlinghurst)

This morning after 2 hrs of sleep did workout, laundry and updated my ipod songs..

then i checked my po box and then went to NSW Bodybuilding Supplies. Its the best bodybuilding supplement shop in australia!!! I became a free member and drew a lot of protein samples in a giveaway bag :) anyway, as u know i already use creatine, so today i bought some whey protein concentrate cos i went to and they say concentrate is better than isolate or something... the brand is bodyscience. for 1kg it cost me 41 bucks which is as cheap as it gets they had a special weekend sale so i was very happy. (refer to my other post about creatine which cost me almost 90 bucks for 2kg)

I can definitely vouch for creatine because my muscles are more ripped than ever. btw, u are supposed to drink tonnes more water than normal person if u take creatine so when i get to work i already start drinking water. at the moment im trying to drink 10 coffee cups worth of water a day but i normally only get 7 on average.

NSW Bodybuilding Supplies
62-64 Oxford Street
9380 7099

btw I Had a great nite last nite at this club up the road that played banging trance...

DJ Set times Oct 28th - PLastic Birthday part one


PLASTIC TURNS 8 (we think)
Around about 8 years ago on the first week of November PLASTIC baby was born full of hope and joy. This soon turned to something dark and silly and a little nasty. Especially when Bexta joined. Now PLASTIC is more than all that, it’s a way of being, a phrase of abuse and endearment, it’s weird and full of energy and it’s a bit of a monster.
Plastic is so excited about its birthday this year that it’s going to cry for two weeks at least. There are so many reasons PLASTIC is so special and that can’t shut the fuck up about it. Plastic is a breeding ground for nutcases and new djs. Plastic encourages stupid and idiotic behaviour. Plastic does not have a door policy – if you love the music and the people your in! Plastic loves all sorts of music – trance, techno, progressive, breaks, happy hard, psy-trance, acid and club music. We don’t not descriminate on the basis of pre fabricated notions of good or bad, we deliberately look for something different and expect the djs and ppl that come to also be looking for something different too.
So over the next two week PLASTIC goes silly over how fabulously good looking PLASTIC can be.
This week special guest is ALEX MEGANE from direct from Italy. New Plastic recruits CHIA and TOMPY are also on as are GROOVE INC boys G_BANGA and WHISPER. In the Golden Disco 3000 room are KASPER and RYZER – both new Plastic Djs who appeared in the PLASTIC DJ comp this year. In RYZERs case he won the entire comp!!! Previous DJ comp winner ONNIT is starting the night off and PLASTIC man JOHN FERRIS slots in some acid around about midnight.
FREE ENTRY for all ppl born in OCTOBER and anyone in their birthday suit.

Set Times
10 – 12 Onnit
12 – 1 JohnFerris
1 –2 Chia
2 –3 Alex Megane
3 – 4 Whisper
4 –5 G_Banga!
5 –6 Tompy

11- 1 Kasper
1 – 3 Ryzer

HOW MUCH: $10 MEMBERS, $15 Guests $20 Street. Free to students and members before midnight


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