Sunday, October 02, 2005

Saturday Photos City to North Sydney Pt 4 last

Ok from my last post (i was so hungry) I walked to the Rocks which is to the west of circular quay if u are facing north ie across the harbour... I was being a tourist for the day so I tried to find food anything but macdonalds cos when i walked past the queues were like miles long and I didnt wanna go to hungry jacks... so I went to this pub thing and the back up the stairs they had lots of meats for 25 bucks each. The catch was u had to cook it yourself and after the guy serving refused to cook for me, (I am a shit cook and to pay 25 for fillet mignon... well i could get the same meat at coles supermarket and cook at home) I left... I went to the gay and expensive baker shop back down the road and paid 12 bucks for a slice of beef lasagna and a chicken and mushroom pie. the pie and lasigna was like cold and crappy. So my advice to you is you are betting off going into one of those posh hotels and eating their lunchtime menu esp the all you can eat ones cos at the Rocks its a ripoff and they screw the tourists over. Then I went round to under the bridge to take more photo and around and up and walked across the bridge. I took 2 photos of where i used to live in Kirribilli Milsons point on Elamang ave (the 2 orange building shots). Its an expensive shithole and there is a lot of construction going on there. Anyway the place is at the bottom of the hill and i used to hate (still do) walking up it to get to the trainstation to get to skool. the pic below is just next to hungry jacks in north sydney. To walk from milsons point to north sydney there is a pathway on the westside exit of Milsons point trainstation and then you cum to a staircase in a building and when u walk up it you are at the bottom of the street where the north sydney trainstation entrance is... I then took a photo of the building where I had my rollerblade accident at the bottom of the hill (I crashed into a wall after going too fast down a hill into what is now the Cisco Systems building). The 2nd pic below is where I had CTscan of my dislocated arm and cost me $500 bucks. This arm dislocation was when I was skating vert and fell upside down :( I swear these doctors are all gay charging me for useless shit. it was so painful i had to have my arm outstretched and go into a tube thing and inside it all you hear is the shit noice you hear when some road repair guy is drilling into concrete :( My arm was in so much pain i thought it would never end.

I then walked up the main street (Miller st) the way I walked a zillion times when I was in hi skool. The left pic below is north sydney oval where i sold ice cream at football matches 10 yrs ago to get some $$$. the money used to stick to the ice at the bottom of the container. it was backbreaking. I didnt do it for too long. The pic on the right is from North Sydney Boys High. the top right window is where I had my maths class and I would stare outside wondering when the bell would ring so I could go home lol. I was too sexy for my high skool!

After that, I walked up the other road to the Woolworths which was where we went a lot for food. The ctscan place was just across the road and I was too tired so I caught the bus back to the city. at the bus stop I found a Daily Telegraph newspaper. That one is full of interesting gossip compared to the Sydney morning herald which is boring as hell. anyway I was reading it on the busride back and voila thats the end of my Saturday. I walked over 10km. Now today (its 4am Sunday) I am going to go to Canberra to a flowerfestival and take more pix. Ill take a bunch of pix of my Chauffeur and his car. The car is the fastest car in sydney btw. I share the petrol costs as the price of petrol is very expensive but he knows sydney like the guy in transporter (2) knows Paris or LA lol Anyway, as you can see the Sony DCRDVD803e is the best value around for a camera and dvd handycam. all the pix seen on this site I have compressed using adobe photoshopcs2 from 1 to 2 mb down to a few kb so you can imagine the quality of the originals. After all, it is a 3megapixel camera :) I wish I knew how to create a script to automate photoshop picture convertsion... must read eboook...time to watch a movie now mauahahaha


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