Saturday, October 01, 2005

Saturday Photos City to North Sydney

Ok I just got back and had a cold shower... so hot. Gonna make a cup of tea in a moment and do laundry... anyway I went to Hyde park, Art Gallery of NSW, Botanical Garden, Walked across Harbour Bridge, Milsons Point, North Sydney I will resize and post all the pix here. Just installed Corel paintshop pro x but probably need a reboot. Havent rebooted in a month now...

Here is my Cartman stressball keyring I took a photo of :) I first started at my roof and took tonnes of pictures but I wont bore u with them all (its actually pretty kewl when i played them in corel album 6) so I will upload some selected ones... Here is centrepoint tower taken from my roof. Note I have shrunk them by heaps the originals are almost 2mb so i converted to gif about 11kb hee hee
Ok this next monstrosity is a water fountain. It is opposite Sydney Grammar. I walk past it every day to get to work. There was a few joggers running by this morning so lukily I got a clean shot. Note, I never drink from water fountains cos I find in the past they give me diarrhoea :(

Here is one of the last pix I took in Hyde Park. There were having a gallery exhibition but the photos/painting were rather boring. This pic is of a Church I go past everyday. It is actually up a gentle slope but I walk up the slope so I do not have to run up it when I go jogging at night :) Its kind of like my warmup when I walk fast and when I cross the last road thats when I start to really run


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