Sunday, October 02, 2005

Saturday Photos City to North Sydney Pt 3

Ok almost finished with my Saturday selection of photos. Im glad I didnt pay a red cent for photoshopcs2 cos its just such a pain in butt to convert the size. Their batch function isnt user friendly either. I had to go about 8 clicks just to convert one image to gif after resizing :(
anyway first pic here is called the Toaster. Its just in front of the Opera house. The 2nd one was when i figured out how to use the zoom button on the handycam :)

The leaning tree well I used to walk past it a lot so I decided to take a pic for u :) This pic below is the top of a small hill where i practice my uphill sprinting :)

This one below is the Customs house at Circular quay just next to macdonalds :p I was so hungry by the time i got here. Inside it has a 3d model of Sydney on the ground ie you literally walk over the glass as in the 2nd picture where u can see the feet of ppl :0

Some more pix of stuff from the Botanical gardens...

The roundish building (3rd tallest from left) is where I used to work at Deloitte. Well, there is a story to tell so I tell u now. IT was my first job after graduating and there is an evil account director lady called Caithlin (its irish so pronounce it as crotch-lin hee hee) She gave me shit performance appraisals everytime I did something for her. Well guess what, almost 10 years later she is now a Partner and at my current job I now have to deal with her as she does our audit muahahaha.

Ok the last 2 buildings I took cos I spent almost 5 years of my life there it was my 3rd job after graduating and boy did I hate it. I would go to the park to sleep during lunch time :) I actually took pictures of all the places I had slept today as well but im not gonna show u hee hee Some of the park benches were very uncomfortable so eventually I started sleeping under a tree. The reason was I refused to drink coffee as its bad for your liver. Now, I have succumbed to coffee as the pay and staying awake is more than justified for drinking the shit. I also now drink alcohol too. We have friday nite drinks here in Aus. so we need to drink to socialise. I love Barcardi Breezers hee hee Anyway, the reason why i hated it so much was this evil boss there. He had lack of knowledge as was the stereotypical middle management trying to protect his position when you study agency theory. Anyway, my new job I have all the power so I only look back upon that time as a learning experience in terms of how middle management works... heres another pic with those 2 evil buildings in the background....

The pic above is where i go past on my weekend jogging around the botanical gardens. Its really beautiful and great when you are panting and helps relax the stress hee hee....


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