Sunday, October 02, 2005

Sunday Canberra Trip Part1

Blogger doesnt seem to put my photos i uploaded in order and im too lazy to anyway 1st pic has the evil telstra mobile tower in background... pic 2 and 3 are beautiful scenic shots I took

Most of the day seemed to surround itself around the "pissing" water fountain and I took a zillion shots of it from varous locations. I even recorded a dvd clip of it.

The 2 pix above are my friends car, a Nissan Skyline. Nice and fast. U can find me in passenger seat staring out into space :)

Ok I got up at 4something am and got to the place above really early and then we set out in another friends car. There were 5 of us in the trip to Canberra so my friends car would have made the ppl in the backseat feel really cramped (not much leg space) It took over 3 hours to get there

The main purpose of our trip to Canberra (the capital of Australia) was to see the Floriade which is a flower show. .. Here are some pix from it.

I actually took 100s of pix. Modern day photography is so easy without needing to use gay film and processing. ps we all took cameras so the pix of me are on my friends cameras hee hee.

Canberra is a very boring place and I will try my best never to return. It has the highest teen suicide rate in Australia and if you ever go there, you will know why. Its simply the most boring place anyone could ever live in. The architecture of buildings appears all the same as low rise apartments. There are not many shops either. I would kill myself if I had to live there too lol


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