Sunday, November 27, 2005

UFC 56 is very good

i got ufc56 from isohunt and rich franklin just kickedazz :)

here is tcpip fix which I uploded it will fix your fuked up internet connection if u uninstall soft that screw your internet up the azz.

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Masters of horror great tv series

first of all single white female 2 is really good even though it has been a decade since the first one was released.... it is probably just about the same basic storyline if u havent seen it, but great to watch after a decade :)

wassup just when i thought all the gay horror movie is cheesy martial arts flicks then i dled masters of horror ep 1 and its so good i dl them all :)

btw i now gave up on agnitum cos it blocked all my dc++ shit so i kept having to turn it off so its just fucked

i installed the latest zone alarm pro:
RapidShare link for ZoneAlarm Pro 6.1.737.000 + RoR Keygen

Tested OK!

revision changes for all ZA products here:

ZoneAlarm Security Suite: Revision Log:

ZoneAlarm Pro: Revision Log:

ZoneAlarm AntiVirus: Revision Log:

ZoneAlarm Anti-Spyware: Revision Log:

Saturday, November 19, 2005

Nike Air Max Plus

Wassup today I went on shopping spree and went to my fav local mall, drank too much water so the bus trip i really wanted to pee and all the speed bumps didnt help :(

Anyway, got there, bought a shirt, then saw 20% off all nike at footlocker so i bought 2 pairs of nike air max plus one nice blue colour and the other the bright yellow one :)

they were just the most comfortable running shoes I ever worn and im glad that nike made them (as u know from previous post, I only wear Nike!)

Then got home and felt bored so went to my favorite bodybuilding shop up the road and bought 4kg of protein isolate for 150 bucks cos they had a sale on and i found out about the sale cos im a member and they smsed me when i was having dinner a few nites ago with friends ha ha.

anyway, since im feeling good here is a nice fuck for you:



Tested Speed -> 222 KB/s
º Windows XP Professional x64 Edition is designed to meet the demands of ºÛ²°º
º customers who require large amounts of memory and floating point ºÛ²°º
º performance in areas such as mechanical design and analysis, 3-D ºÛ²°º
º animation, video editing and composition, and scientific and high- ºÛ²°º
º performance computing applications. ºÛ²°º
º ºÛ²°º
º Windows Server 2003, x64 Edition is well-suited for high-performance ºÛ²°º
º computing (HPC) clusters, Terminal Services, Active Directory data ºÛ²°º
º stores larger than 2 GB, databases, business applications, Internet ºÛ²°º
º Information Services (IIS) 6.0, and memory-bound applications ºÛ²°º
º ºÛ²°º
º The CD contains 6 x64 versions of Windows, which can be installed ºÛ²°º
º by either booting to the CD or starting the installations from within ºÛ²°º
º another x64 installation of Windows. It also will create standalone ºÛ²°º
º ISO's of any included version of Windows. ºÛ²°º
º ºÛ²°º
º This CD Contains: ºÛ²°º
º ºÛ²°º
º Windows XP x64 Retail ºÛ²°º
º Windows XP x64 Corporate ºÛ²°º
º Windows 2003 x64 Enterprise Retail ºÛ²°º
º Windows 2003 x64 Enterprise Corporate ºÛ²°º
º Windows 2003 x64 Standard Retail ºÛ²°º
º Windows 2003 x64 Standard Corprate

NOTE: This version is not a dupe of WinBeta's Windows Server 2003 AIO ºÛ²°º
º as XiSO's is purely x64, contains a crack, and does not corrupt boot ºÛ²°º
º sectors on 64 bit installations. (WinBeta's AIO 64 bit installs did not ºÛ²°º
º work correctly when booting off the dvd and corrupted the boot sector ºÛ²°º
º while attempting to install) ºÛ²°º
º ºÛ²°º
º This is an ISO not BIN/CUE because of the special file format required ºÛ²°º
º for all in one images.

Burn to CD and reboot to install (you cannot start the setup from ºÛ²°º
º within 32 bit windows.) or start installation from within an existing ºÛ²°º
º 64 bit version of Windows.

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

iPod Access for Windows v2.5 *INCL.KEYMAKER*, transfer files from an iPod.

wassup this is the best software for ipod u dont need to have gay itunes installed to run it on windows (my winxp installation didnt work with itunes)


Cracked by....: Brainrain
Supplied......: Candy Girl
Packaged......: El Chupakabra
Protection....: Serial
Crack/SN......: Keymaker
Rating........: [You decide!]

Release-Name..: CR-IAF25.ZIP
Release-Date..: 11/08/2005
Release-Type..: Util
OS............: WinALL
Language......: English
Disks.........: 01

Pod Access for Windows brings to Windows users what Mac users have been have been raving about: the ability to freely transfer files from an iPod back to a computer. Need to move songs from one computer to another? Lost all your iTunes music due to a computer failure? iPod Access is the answer. Unlike some other iPod applications on the market today iPod Access utilizes the iPod database to display song information. Using this database enables song listings to be displayed instantly, playlist data to be viewed, and songs purchased from the iTunes Music Store to be displayed properly.

Feature Highlights for iPod Access

* Works with all PC formatted iPod and iPod mini models
* Easy to use interface with toolbar buttons for quick access
* Support for non-Roman characters (including Japanese)
* Displays playlist information in its own window
* AAC file support (including iTunes Music store songs)
* Single button sequential backups from the toolbar
* Song Navigation by Artist/Album or Composer/Album
* Copy songs organized by Artist/Album or Composer/Album
* Rename songs when using the Copy or Backup function
* Instant listing of all iPod songs and MP3 tags
* Add songs directly into iTunes
* Playlist Cloning into iTunes
* Change application window color
* Improved Copy Progress Status

With a simplified user interface including song filtering by Artist/Album or Composer/Album you can find the songs you need to copy and even listen to them directly in the main window. When copying songs iPod Access can organize songs into Artist/Album folders or Composer/Album folders and change the file names if desired. iPod Access also provides one button full sequential music backups. By pressing "Backup" in the toolbar you can speed up the process of regular backups. iPod Access will by default only copy new songs added to your iPod so you don't have to remember what you have added.


Tuesday, November 08, 2005


wassup guys and girls,

The ultimate fighter s2 finale was sensational. much better than season 1 finale get from irc in nsane wrestling on nodrama irc network (search packetnews).