Friday, January 20, 2006

Best free webpage hosting...

I found this one last nite and no ads or popups and ftp access...

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Tom yum goong English subtitles (ong bak 2)

Ok this guy is like a cross btwn jet li and jacki chan and in ong bak he showed the world his talent... well tom yum goong is just as good... if u got it with chinese subtitle well here is the english subs :)
i have tested it to work :)

this time he is looking for his elephant... comes to Sydney Australia... funny thing is there is a jackie chan like dude at the airport ha ha
its a very funny movie.

talking about movies, death tunnel (a 2005 release) is a very nice horror movie...

Monday, January 02, 2006

DJ Chia

For those of u who don't know hardtrance music, here is a mix by my favorite local dj (use windows mediaplayer to stream it)

I went to plastic on nye to the Fuckoff2005 event. It was at Bondi and lukily I finished dinner at a 260bucks per head Jap restaurant in the city just in time to jump onto train and got there when Jumping Jack was playing and dj chia played after that in main room. Great nite and great crowd. Got home at 6am had shower and slept all the way till 4pm ha ha

ps the Jap restaurant is supposed to be 4th best in the world ha ha, really gourmet shit imo but had exquisite tasting food ie quality not quantity so it was good for dancing afterwards at club as u really dont get full eating jap food.

2006 is now here and my goal is to cut down on greasy food even though it means spending more on jap restaurants lol

pps my favorite perfume is the Paris Hilton one. INitially, I saw the pink girls version during my xmas shopping and it smelt so nice i just sprayed it on my wrist everytime i went past myer... then the sales girl told me there was a men's (boy's) version which is the blue colour one. I really like it so I might get it later. Pink smells like strawberry and blue smells like melon. I kinda like these fruity smelling perfume/cologne to normal men's cologne.